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Someone distracted me last post !!!!!
OK new system Asus P4B533 mainboard
64 MHZ DDR G4 card and 512 DDR RAM ,P4 2.0 Processor
Maxtor 60 Gig 7200 Hard Drive and Asus 50 X CD Rom
Having problems formation the drive instructions say to
use boot disk and CD. System should boot with boot disk
I can't to do DOS promt or Maxtors program to format drive
The mesg I get on boot up menu is Disk boot failure 40
when I go on into BIOS I see the floppy there. Then I do F1 to continue and the mesg is Disk boot failure insert system disk. So I bought new floppy drive same thing. I baffled, any one that can walk me through this I would be really greatful for the help. I'll even give you may cell num 828-231 -5800 or give me your num and I'll call I have gone through the Asus manual everything looks right in set up Need help ASAP
Daized and confused I thougt I new more about PC's I have installed a lot of hardware but this my first build from the ground
I must be overlooking something????
Maybe I shoud go back to painting cars !!!!!!!

Mazda Miata owner on a Great Honda Forum I couldn't find a SI Vtec so I did the Mazda thing handles great but lacking on power.
:mad: :mad:

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what OS? i recently built a new computer from the ground up. after all the shit was together, i powered it up, installed shit off the disc that came with the motherboard, then put in WINDOWS XP home edition disc and it booted up and formated my HDD.
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