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ok, I want to swap a USDM 1.8L ls motor in my car. I have a 89 crx Si, what all would I need to complete the swap??? oh, and what should all this cost me without the labor, I don't have to pay for labor!!! let me know. thx

- Phat_Si

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parts that you would need are; (Assuming you only have the LS Motor (long block).

you would need;

Cable Tranny (S1, Y1, YS1)
axles from (90 to 93 Integra)
Has Sport Mounts
Shift Linkage (you can modify cut your weld yours to fit or you can buy it from Hasport)

as for wiring you would need;
convert your engine harness to obd1 and you would need
obdO to OBD1 ecu converter to make the LS ECU fit.

Sorry dont have prices for this items, check the classified forum

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