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Whats up forum,

I became a member on here years ago when I owned a 94 accord and really knew nothing about cars then transitioned into Nissans for awhile. I just recently sold me 98 Maxima which I swapped a VQ35 and Sentra SER 6spd into and came back to the Honda community. Loved the car, one of the fastest NA FWD sedans Ive ever ridden in but alas Im entering grad school soon and need less distractions. I recently picked up an 04 6spd TL and absolutely LOVE the car.. I think i just got sick of the coilover suspension on my maxima really.

Anyways, I picked it up with 115k miles a few weeks ago. It has not had the timing belt replaced yet so I got the price knocked down. I havent dealt with timing belts before bc the VQ motors all use chains. My questions is, I know they are supposed to be done around 90k miles (i think).. how imperative is it that the belt is done right away. Im not looking to put it off long but just wanted to know from other owners when they had done theirs.

Few pics

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