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Blah, blah, blah! for the review skip this crap and read the bold print.

I have a Carsound cat and it works fine but I wanted to see what all the hubbub was and if there really was a difference in sound and fitment for a test pipe. Hell I live in Wisconsin and don’t go through emissions so why not. First I ordered the dreaded OBX high flow cat. (About $55.00, fleaBay) The SS cat looked somewhat appealing, the cat had nice welds and it was everything I expected an assembly line robotic weld product would be but… once I jerked the car up I found the outlet flange was welded incorrectly from the factory. Pissed off and blue in the face due to the fact I tried everything short of cutting the flange and placing it correctly, I was forced to send it back. About a month later I was at a local muffler shop, where a friend was having a custom muffler fabricated for his 67 Mustang, and talk lead to friction and 10 minutes later I had a test pipe. ($20.00, I supplied the flanges) Bolted it up, fit perfectly, sounded ok but it is fairly ugly as far as the welds were concerned. I left the pipe on for two days and put the Carsound back on because the exhaust was a little louder than I like. (Performance is not really a factor when it comes to test pipe in comparison to any quality after market cat. So please don’t ask if I noticed any HP!)

Which brings me to the topic at hand, while I was looking for at the Omni coil over setups on eBay I came across a kid that was auctioning off this Omni Power test pipe with a buy it now of $30.00 after shipping. Dude had listed the pipe only 20 minutes earlier, being the Jew I am always on the look out for deals I can re-list and make a couple dollars off of, I scooped it up! The pipe was never installed because he thought he’d been ripped off because the pipe didn’t have an air-tight seal due to the sleeved center section. (Or as Omni calls it, “Adjustable Length & Clocking w/ Removable Center Section”)

To make an already long story shorter, I bought the pipe with the intention to re-sale it to a friend but I ended up throwing it on the GSR for a quick test. I was sure it would have a God awful exhaust leak or at least a horrible rattle because of the suspicious “design flaw” with the sleeve. But to my surprise it sounded great. There were no rattles or leaks I could hear, and what made this pipe so appealing was; as a result of the removable sleeve the outlet flange is completely adjustable 360 degrees and the three piece design gives you a length option for even more compatibility. (And it comes in a USDM 2" and JDM 2 1/2" and is about 17.5" with the center sleeve in.) In my opinion all this gives Omni the upper hand by allowing it to fit almost any Honda on the market. (Did I mention the sexy tig welds.)
At WOT it nearly drowns out vetch and I can barely hear the transition; it sounds throaty, not tinny like the hornet nests I hear around town... When idling it sounds exactly like my Carsound.
So in short if you're looking for a test pipe I feel Omni is a fairly good choice due to its versatility. Omni has continued to impress me with the various posts I've read and it looks as if the former Skunk2 boys have done it again. And that’s my .2 cents.

(I'm sporting the Greddy 4-2-1 and the Greddy SP2 so everyone's setup will sound different.)

Borrowed the pic from Omni's Website to Illustrate the removable center.
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