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One Even MORE Off CRX

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yes, its a crx :)
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wutangben said:

yes, its a crx :)
LMAO:p :p :p :p . looks like a sleeper:p :p
Re: Re: One Even MORE Off CRX

SohcVtecTurboHB said:

LMAO:p :p :p :p . looks like a sleeper:p :p
a red hot chili sleeper ;)

I went to Key West like 3 years ago and took a picture of that and a lamborghini and I always just looked at the pepper and laughed and never realized that it was a crx until you pointed that out...pretty sad since at the time i had a red crx. I guess I was just too busy staring at the lamborghini!
i wonder if that chili is hot under the hood...HAHA
poor CRX, man i feel sorry for it...but that's hella funny
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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