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i own many cars but i would like to purchase a new one. I want a 92 Civic Hatchback. then i want to rip everything and i mean everything out. i want to swap a Prelude type S engine from JDM into it along with Type R tranns, then add header, exhaust, cams gears, pistons, intake to it, then i want to add new brakes, suspension, Rear spoiler, rims, tires, and paint job. Interior i want to rip it all out, down to the bear metal. then add recaro racing seats, JDM gauge cluster, rool cage, and momo steering wheel?

this will be expensive ,, would you do it and how do you think of my plan?
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For one thing, you can't bolt a type r tranny to a prelude motor, for another a prelude motor in your hatchback will only be good in a straight line, not handling. if you just want straight line that car will be pretty damn fast.
you may want to do a little more research and narrow your scope down a little...because if you do a lot of cosmetic mods the extra weight will slow your times...and is your going race only screw the gauge cluster adn just do a sheet metal dash....your looking at spending a grip of more research before you go spending all this have to know exactly what you want, and if it will work, before you going buying things...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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