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Options to improve my CX brakes

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So i got a 93 civic cx and i'm planning to swap in a b18c5 sometime down the road. Someone suggested that I get better brakes. So i was wondering can i change my 2 drum brakes to disc, so i have 4 disc brakes.

I don't really know anything abotu brakes so go easy on me here.

What are slotted rotors(i think thats waht their called) and hwo do they help

Also can i use the brakes of and ITR


is there some kinda of big brake kit

and last of all what kinda price am i lookin at to do a drum to disc swap?

thanx for any help
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Upgrade your front brakes before you do the rear disc conversion. Get the front brake setup off of either a GSR or EX/SI. Go with a set of powerslot slotted rotors or brembo blanks and some AEM pads.

You will also need to upgrade your MC, and possibly the brake booster.

After you have done all of that, then consider the rear disc conversion.

To answer your questions :

- The slots in slotted rotors help to clean the surface of the pad and provide a way for the gases that build up between the pad and rotor to escape. Those gases can cause your brakes to fade. This isn't a big deal for a daily driver, but could be a problem for overly-spirited driving or auto-x.

- yes, you could most likely use the brakes from an ITR, but don't forget that the ITR is 5-lug whereas the Civic/Teg is 4-lug.

- Drum to disc swap won't be worth the hassle until you beef up your front brakes. I have seen the rear trailing arms on ebay for $150. Add another $200 for new rotors, brake lines and cables. You will also probably need a 4-wheel disc brake proportioning valve as well.
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For starters get some aftermarket pads. I would have to disaggre w/ kommon_sense on the brand though. AEM would be my last choice. I'd reccomend some Axxis ultimates, which are about $60 shipped from Cobalt friction. Next, get some better brake fluid. Try some Valvoline Synthetic Power, which is about $5/quart at places like Kmart and such. As for rotors stick with brembo blanks, as kommon mentioned. You dont need drilled/slotted rotors and they are actually more likley to crack than blanks are. And for a rear disc conversion you can get the rear brake setup off a 94+ teg or a 92+ EX/Si civic(although not all EX's came w/ rear disc's).
thanx alot guys
this info is a great help
fastbrakes makes a couple excellent upgrade kits. porterfield pads are a little expensive but also well worth the money.
replacing stock rotors with crossdrilled and/or slotted aftermarket rotors, from brembo, for example, wont help braking power. they just dissipitate heat better, and for all it matters, its just for show. in order to get better braking power, you must either get a big brake upgrade (by which, your rims must be 17"), or swap brakes with other cars that could be compatible with your car, givne the circumstances.
I see GSR full brake conversions (all 4 discs front and rear, w/ booster and m.c.) for $500-$600 on the parts trader. Best to just do it all at once. It'll greatly improve your situation, you can upgrade pads and rotors to fancy crap later on when the stock conversion parts wear out. Plus you can run 15's on them. Be realistic, you likely aren't going to do any long-term 100+ mph driving, and you just don't need 13" rotors, it might look good but is not necessary and too expensive. Get a full conversion, put on stainless lines (which you have to replace anyways with a conversion) and put in good fluid and call it a day.

PS - you can also convert from the 92-95 Civic Si easily.
My own research has also yielded this noteworthy snoochie pochie:
Rotors add a moment of rotational inertia directly opposed to the torque applied by your engine. So bigger brakes often translate to some decreased acceleration. They don't just slow you down when you hit the pedal anymore!
I will probably go the route of better pads and fluid, see where that gets me, and take it from there before I upgrade my discs and convert my drums.
ya i guess i will do that, although i think the Si or gsr full swap sounds good
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