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Upgrade your front brakes before you do the rear disc conversion. Get the front brake setup off of either a GSR or EX/SI. Go with a set of powerslot slotted rotors or brembo blanks and some AEM pads.

You will also need to upgrade your MC, and possibly the brake booster.

After you have done all of that, then consider the rear disc conversion.

To answer your questions :

- The slots in slotted rotors help to clean the surface of the pad and provide a way for the gases that build up between the pad and rotor to escape. Those gases can cause your brakes to fade. This isn't a big deal for a daily driver, but could be a problem for overly-spirited driving or auto-x.

- yes, you could most likely use the brakes from an ITR, but don't forget that the ITR is 5-lug whereas the Civic/Teg is 4-lug.

- Drum to disc swap won't be worth the hassle until you beef up your front brakes. I have seen the rear trailing arms on ebay for $150. Add another $200 for new rotors, brake lines and cables. You will also probably need a 4-wheel disc brake proportioning valve as well.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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