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I see GSR full brake conversions (all 4 discs front and rear, w/ booster and m.c.) for $500-$600 on the parts trader. Best to just do it all at once. It'll greatly improve your situation, you can upgrade pads and rotors to fancy crap later on when the stock conversion parts wear out. Plus you can run 15's on them. Be realistic, you likely aren't going to do any long-term 100+ mph driving, and you just don't need 13" rotors, it might look good but is not necessary and too expensive. Get a full conversion, put on stainless lines (which you have to replace anyways with a conversion) and put in good fluid and call it a day.

PS - you can also convert from the 92-95 Civic Si easily.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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