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ordered nx? cant retard timing?what should i do?

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what's up everyone....i just purchased a nx kit online...i was gonna go zex, but i feel safer going to a wet setup. Well, my question is that, i drive an 00 accord v6, and the ignition can't be adjusted, because its a direct ignition, also its an auto tranny........what are ways to shoot nitrous without destroying either the tranny or the motor? should i stick with the lowest jet?

also, has anyone installed the nx kit on their own? any advice to a DIY'er like me?? or should i leave it to the professionals. We're there instructions that came with the kit? and was it useful?

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wet setup? single nozzle or direct port? if it is direct port leave it to the pros...
retard timing

either get a vetc controller or get the aem powerclass computer and you can tune your timing with a laptop. Me i would not worry with a fifty shot when it is wet. Just remeber when the fuel is not there with the nitrous, the motor goes so don't let the car lean out or you know what
I ran a NX kit before , and when I was on the 50 shot I ran stock timing just fine. But that was me , I am not telling you to do it. If you can't find a way to adjust your timing just run the NOS/fuel mix a little rich by putting a one size bigger fuel jet. I have also done this. But if you do that make sure the bottle is heated to 1050 psi which is NX optimum pressure.
You don't need to retartd timing, just run colder plugs and 93+ octane. I'm putting the finishing touches on my NX kit now. The instructions are may need to call the tech line as you go but they're very helpful. I'll try to help if I can too...
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