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Other than ThePartsTrader?

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What are some good sites to buy from that have used parts other that the parts trader? I'm looking for a used head from a D16y8.

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that's pretty much it.. that or ebay.
u can check .. they might have a head but they won't be cheap.
Well, I can't decide now, It's Higher compression to go with the Y8 and I think it would be a better head, but as always it comes down to price. Hey is it okay to use okay A6 pistons with new rings, or should i go with new ones?
You should re-ring with new pistons. It would work without new ones but it's best to just hone the cylinders and let a new set reseat themselves in there. Besides, the piston set I wrote you about comes with them and the new wristpins.

Yeah, the y8 is a better head and valvetrain (a little bit) but like you said, it always comes down to moolah in the end. But it's just a few hp difference. In stock form the z6 is only 2hp peak less than the y8, at least that's what Honda claims...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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