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Wife's car is a 2003 Accord k24a4. Temp gauge started going up to about 3/4.
I checked for leaks and found none.
I changed the thermostat but that didn't fix the issue.
I changed water pump but that didn't fix the issue.
I replaced fans, fan switch on radiator and coolant temp sensor on engine but that didn't fix the issue.
I replaced radiator but that didn't fix the issue.
I replaced head gasket and thoroughly cleaned and inspected head/block and every part I had to remove to replace head gasket. No signs of warpage or cracks were found.
Added new oil, oil filter and coolant.
With spark plugs removed I turned the engine over to move oil through the engine and build oil pressure.
Bled coolant system.
Turned heater to high and fan to low.
Car fired right up but after 15 seconds temp gauge started climbing. Upper and lower radiator hoses were rock hard and temp gauge was pegged out.
Shut car off immediately.
Bled coolant system again..
Now car turns over but won't start and coolant system still has high pressure.
At this point it has an entirely new coolant system.
Any thoughts on what could be going on?
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