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Overheating problem with turbo in traffic

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This past summer i was in heavy traffic with my integra and my car started passing the usual position on the heat thingy...but once i would move the the dial would go down alittle but when i stopped it would go back up this was in hot weather in heavy traffic is there anything i could do to help this.......please give me some advice thank you
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change your thermostat to the coldest, about a 65 degree one, and dont drive the car hard in busy places where you know yer gonna be stopped for a long period of time.
these are just the basics, the problem may be biggar than this.
Hey drkn4n, check your radiator fan, I bet you it's not working anymore. I had that same problem. Plus, integras have lot's of problem with radiator fans. If you can make a switch for your fan then that will work. To check if your fan is still working, turn on your engine and just let if sit. If you fan doesn't come on and the temperature goes up,...then it's definetly your fan. This process would take about 4-5 minutes if the car is already warm. Longer if the engine's cold. My 2 cents. Peace.
ha, im actually in the same spot as he is, except my car isnt turboe'ed, ever since i got rear ended lightly, my fan no longer works, i was thinking about making a toggle switch for my fan , but i already got buncha wires in the engine bay, guess i got no choice, imma make one within these couple of days
i have no problem drivin in heavy traffic

you mite want to wire the fan to a switch so you can always have it on when you are drivin.
i agree, it's more than likely your fan. that would explain why when you got moving, the temperature would drop, and when you'd stop, the airflow would also stop. definitely look into getting it fixed, but until then, hook up your fan to a switch inside your car, then directly to the battery. like said in another thread, it's only a temporary solution.
Change your FAn for sure.. get a FAL fan those are the best.. i had a few of my buddies cars overheat as well and as soon as the fan was changed it didnt over heat ever... the thermostat wont make much of a difference unless it is acutally defective but take my word for it and change your fan...
i just checked out my car, and the fan works great, how i tested it was disconnect the progs or wutever and manually pulled a wire from the battery to that prog, and the fan turned on.

my problem is that the fan never seems to go on, even when the tempaertre gauge shows that the temp has gone up about 75% up, what can be the problem. the fan works for sure, i checked the fuse, its good,

could it be that i have a bad sensor, and where would this sensor be located at, thanks

by the way, if i were to put a toggle switch button, how often do u think i should turn the fan on? i kno that the fan isnt on 24/7 when driving, especially at night on the freeway. thanks
you have a bad sensor for sure... im almost certian that it has to do with that thermostat but to be 100% sure i will find out for you to determine what turns the fan on if there is a sensor... sorry i cant help right now but i got a midterm tomorrow for my advance physics class and i need to study... ill find out for you tomorrow.. good luck..
hey thanks alot man, i wish its a part that i can easily and cheaply replace, thanks ill wait for the info, good luck on your midterm.
would re routing your windsheild fluid squirters to your intercooler help out at all...or is this more of a radiator problem? also would it help out if water was sprayed onto the radiator? just some ideas no one has thought of yet, not sure if they will help though...
Ok this is what i found so far.. i hope this pic will help

From what i have been told is that most likely it is the thermostat or fan switch... If your thermostat is new and the switch is new then i would suggest testing each one individually but if your fans work then its 100% a thermostat or fan switch issue... Here is another website that has a thermostat and switch you might consider replacing with... personally i have a spoon thermostat and switch but i cant find a spoon site with those item but i did find you a mugen site with those... good luck...

Ok here i found the spoon stuff too... Mugen is a bit cheaper but for some reason i like spoon JDM parts so i went with spoon but they both do the same thing...

Some time ago, I noticed that our Civic was running hot (not overheating yet) and the electric fan didn't turn on. Recently I replaced the thermostat, radiator cap, radiator fan thermo switch but the fan still wouldn't turn on. I know it works because shorting the thermo switch wires turns it on. It normally runs with the temperature parked around center of the scale but in slow traffic will rise to 3/4 scale.

Answer: The radiator fan normally turns on after the temperature is past on the gauge. You may have a faulty thermo-switch. In addition, if you have a blown head-gasket it would allow exhaust to get into the cooling system, which in turn would fool the thermo-switch.
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hey there turbo jdm,
thanks for all the info. i checked out both sites, and i am hoping it is just a fan switch that is broken. i believe thisis the case because , if u recall in my previous posts i got slightly tapped in the back by a mercedez, but before that incidentm, my fan would always be on, no matter how hot or cold the car was, even when i start the car up in the morning, the fan would go on. after the small hit, the fan would then never go on, just this past week with the the hot weather, the temp gauge went up about 75% and the fan didnt even go on.

i will switch out the fan switch first, btw, i got a b16 engine, do u know where the sensor would be on my engine? and what color or any other info to id it would be great, thanks a lot, youve been a great help.
no problem... hope you fix the problem.. im not 100% sure but from what i remember is almost in the same spot as the pic but on a b series motor and the color is bronze type.. good luck..
i just checked out my car and i think i have located the fan switch thing, its a bronze bolt with some grey plastic behind it, my wires looked kinda rigged tho. but hopefully it is just that, i will hit the local shop and just get any old fan switch first, to see if that is the problem, thanks
darn, i jus took out the fan switch sensor, and it tested out to be working just fine, i cant figure out wtf is wrong, actually the wiring to the fan switch sensor seems to be a bit rigged, from the prior owner i guess, guess i got no choice but to wire a switch to the fan directly, thanks guys for all the info

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