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pacesetter stuff ? are they good ?

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what do they make thats good or is it crap ? what about headers ?
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there's actually a lot of info on these boards about Pacesetter products, just do a search for "pacesetter" in the various forums (there's a good one in either the Prelude, or the CRX forum, i forget which one).

just a warning: almost none of that info speaks well of Pacesetter.

anybody have something good to say ?
the one good thing about Pacesetter products is that they are pretty affordable ($186 is still a lot of money, but for a cat-back exhaust, it's not bad). i also like the way that the tips look (that yellow band is still pretty darn unique).

BUT, everwhere you find info on Pacesetter, you'll also find numerous complaints. the ones i hear the most are that the piping cracks after a few months, the seals never keep (even with good gaskets), and all the paint (yes, even that yellow band on the exhaust tips) flakes off a few months down the line.

now, flaking paint may not seem like much more than a minor annoyance, but imagine paying almost $200 for a header, and then watching a large crack develop in the piping a few months later (which of course, will mean that you'll have to replace it). i can't honestly say anything about Pacesetter stuff having never tried it personally, but search around and you'll find plenty of stories from people who have.
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peace of $h1t...dont waste your money ...unless you dont have the money! the sound is not bad but that yellow band all though unique, shows to everyone that you have a pacestter and the remarks will follow...its the reject of the performance world..
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