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Here are just a few rules that we ask you guys to please follow so we can keep the board running smoothly

1. Before you post a question, please use the SEARCH button.
You'll find that most questions have already been answered.

2. Anti-SHO sentiment will not be tolerated. Offenders on SHO will be warned first, banned second, and ip's will be logged...

3. Respect all SHO users. No flaming, racial slurs, sexual comments, name calling, etc.

4. If you have something to say to another member, PM them. Don't use the board as your personal instant messenger.

5. All pictures are to be posted in the "SH Photo Gallery." If not, they will be moved/deleted.

6. No Classifieds ad's in this forum. They all will be moved to Classifieds forum or deleted promptley.

7. constant one word posts (cool, hehe, lol, oh, ie -- post whoring), "In Before the Lock" posts, pointless threads, flame/hate threads, threads/posts glorifying post whoring, "ttt" posts; will either be locked or deleted depending on the content.

8. Threads that will NOT be tolerated: Car x vs. Car y, kill stories, HP estimates, 0-60/1/4 mile estimates(there is a seperate forum for this), Where to participate in illegal activities (ie. street racing etc) and For sale threads.

9. Advertising: NO advertisng will be tolerated unless approved by mike_sho. To peruse advertising on SH please contact Mike at the following email address: [email protected]

10. Most importantly, have fun browsing sho!!! :btu

There will be some exceptions to these rules, but not many and the SHO staff will make that decision, not you!
Any questions or unclear where your post should go, PM or email a Forum Moderator.

Thanks guys and welcome to our Pacific Regional Forum, enjoy!

Pacific Forum Moderators,

divinewisdom and UltraMagneticAL
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Not open for further replies.