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I joined a paintball team a couple months ago and this is the gun i purchased. I only played with it twice and have decided to upgrade to a better gun. I am very happy with the way it performed. It is very accurate and does not chop paint unless you try to shoot too fast.

Included with the purchase:

Black Tippman 98 Custom
Drop forward
On/Off valve
Expansion chamber
Double trigger and trigger guard
Upgraded system x barrel
Stock barrel
Stock trigger
12 oz co2 tank
Gravity feed hopper (forgot to take a picture)
Barrel condom

I purchased the gun with accessories from a friend on my team. so you will be the third owner. the only problem with the gun lies in the on/off valve which sometimes leaks. BUT, it is rebuildible. there are 2 o-rings inside which occasionally need replacing. once replaced, it does not leak. very good gun, and i would strongly reccomend it.

Asking price: $300 o.b.o.

dont low ball me. if you do not know how much this gear costs retail, look it up before offering me a price. My asking price is very reasonable.

And now for the pic:

i can get more pics if requested.

i have vouches, just ask.

payment options: money order, check, paypal
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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