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I painted the vents from my car, but i did it different.
First: I removed all the pieces I was going to paint.
Second: I scuffed them all up using steel-wool.
This takes off the shine and will make the paint stick.
Then I primered each piece. Light coats every ten minutes until I had applied about five coats.
Third: I let them dry for about an hour.
Fourth: I applied about ten coats of color every fifteen minutes.
The thicker the paint is the harder it is to scratch through.
Fifth: I let dy for about two hours.
Sixth: I applied about five coats of clear coat every fifteen minutes using same technique as before.
Seventh: I let dry overnight and then reinstalled them in my car.

I did this about 8 months ago. I can clean them with armorall. None of them have any visible scratches, and none of the paint is coming off. You can look at it on my web page.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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