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Paintshop 7 Basics

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Yeah so I only have Paint Shop right now. I have been foolin around with it some, but I have no idea how to lower, change rims, or get my final pics to show up hear in Superhonda. If anyone else can give me some tips it would be much appreciated.
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My suggestion to you is to download Photoshop on Kazza or Morpheus.
ScrampaTeg03: Bah, Photoshop. I used Paint Shop Pro for all my photo editing. :p

CanSi2G: Stick with Paintshop Pro 7, it's alot better in my opinion for photoshop. But everyone results to Photoshop for some damn reason, when Paintshop is way easier to use. :)

[EDIT]: I made my signature image in Paintshop Pro 7, with some of the Eyecandy 4000, and the Flaming Pear Plug-Ins. (showing you as an example)
hahaha....I just said to get photoshop cause that's what I have.....Never used paintshop 7 before though.:D
Ugh, I HATE Paint Shop Pro. I've used PSP since 5.0 before I got Photoshop and I thought it was neat. PSP is such a shitty program compared to Photoshop 6.0. It might as well be called "EZ Image Edit." (following the lines that anything "EZ" is crap)
I don't mind Paintshop, but I don't really have the time to dink around with it. Can anybody give me a few quick tips on lowering and changing rims.
i'm not a pro, but i know a few things, but i cant explain (cuz i'm not good at things like that :( )

But, i found this post, it helped me :)
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