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i put a post up in the law part of the forum but i figured
maybe asking some canadians/torontotarians themselves might
help out too. i had no idea about the parking permit thing when
i went to toronto the other day for the first time. so when i cam
back to my car i had one of those yellow bastards on the windshield.
well when i was pulling out i decided to ask the guy that was pulling
into my spot about if i should pay it or not because since im not even
a canadian citizen. he told me there was actually a story in the paper
recently about this thing going on because i guess it happens alot that
foreigners get the parking tickets and never pay, also saying that theirs
nothing really the police can do about it. i just want to know how true
that is and what would happen if i decide not to pay for it. any help
would be great, thanks
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