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i'm also parting a 2000 Civic Si. the inside is ALL gone and i'm keeping the BARE head(i will be selling the cams, springs, valves and so on), but everything else is for sale. just tell me what you want and give me offer.

well just email me at [email protected].

hey i also have these parts if interested:

msd digital 6 with hvc coil.... $450 for both

aem cai(silver).....$150 obo

b&m fpr and gauge.... $80 shipped for both

cluthcnet 6-puck spring hub copper DISC(just the disc).... $100

str drag intake manifold....$900 obo (please dont low ball me on this one.. its a $1100 manifold)

some nitrous parts: hard lines, the fuel and nitrous noids, fogger and jets and bottle off of the pro race import fogger(top of the line direct port kit you could buy for an import.

msd spark plug wires(2 sets) for 96-2000 civics(might fit more dont know).....$65 shipped each

msd dist. cap for 96-2000 civic(again might fit otheres dont know).. just give me an offer.

Dc strut bar... $90 obo

some cheap intake... just give me an offer
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