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I tried to sell my car as whole but no one has the money so im going to part it out, I am not selling little things here and there im selling the complete motor without the turbo and trans. The trans, and turbo kit will be sold separately. I have to sell the motor FIRST so that I can start it, and compression test and leak test the motor for the buyer before anything else goes! I will hold other parts for someone. Ok here we go. Its a 92 honda civic eg hatchback. The motor is a d16z6 with flanged sleeves, bisomoto coated turbo pistons 75.50 mm (9.0:1) eagle h beam rods, d16y8 crank (no check balls) honda ported pump, acl race bearings honda water pump, prothane motor mounts(bottom end built for 600+hp) head is a d16 fully ported race head, ferrea stainless valves, superteck bronze valve guides bisimoto spring kit with titanium retainers with bisimoto 3.6 race cam and adjustable cam gear. head matched to skunk intake ported as well and 70mm throttle body, lager fuel rale with an lines, rc1000 cc injectors bar and plate,mishimoto aluminum radiator and silicone hoses, catch can breather. that is what you get for the motor price

transmission is a custom built sycrotech trannny
carbon coated syncros
hardend input shaft
custom gearing 1st 2nd 5th gear are from a si, 3rd 4th gear from a vx
all honda bearings

turbo kit includes
62mm turbonetics turbo
ram horn exhaust manifold
tail wastegate and blow off valve
3 inch down pipe
mititoyo front mount intercooler
custom intercooler pipeing, few diff sizes to eliminate some turbo lag

complete motor minus tran and turbo 2500$

Trans- 1500$

turbo kit-1300$

for more questions call me or text at 7 zero 8 nine nine 7 zero 6 nine 7
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