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All Prices OBO

Rear Glass with spoiler, brake light and wiper - $75 SOLD!
Tail Lights - $100
Complete Engine and Transmission swap - $500 SOLD!
Rear Bumper - $95
Rear Disc brake System with all rear suspension - $250 SOLD!
Both Front seats - $130 (Willing to separate, Dark Grey)
Front non-power door panels - $50 (complete)
Rear Panels - $50 (Dark Grey)
Dash -$ 75 (Dark Grey)
Gauge Cluster with 100K on Odometer - $125
Wind Shield - $60 (Cracked in lower corner)
Right non-power front Door - $220 (No Mirror, comes with light grey panel)
Left non-power front door - $110 (Dented, needs skin or body work, has power mirror)
Tail Gate - $125
Rear Clip - $300 (Need side body work, comes with sun roof)
Front Clip - $600 (All of skeleton, fender supports, radiator support, and frame)
Fuel tank with pump - $70 (Willing to separate)
Brake master cylinder - $30
Clutch master Cylinder - $30
Steering Wheel with no Air Bag - $30
Radiator with Fan - $60
Fenders - $95 (50 a peice)
Hood - $95
Front Suspension with Disk brakes, sway bar, etc... - $200
Front Lower control arms with swap bar (Anti-Roll bar) - $80 (Convert your non swap bar civic to one with a sway bar for better handeling)

If there is any thing else that you need that I left out, please fill free to email me. Thanks a lot.

email: [email protected]

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Yes I have the front Bumper, its in good condition, just a few scatches, I'll send a pic if you want, its a $100. I have the rotors, both in good condition, $45 for both. It has a stock SOHC Vtec motor and tranny with 100K on it, it runs good, no leaks etc.
60 Shipped? I don't know, mabey like $70 shipped, email me, we can work some thing out. I'll send you guys pics for anything if you want. Just email me at: [email protected], or [email protected]. Thanks a lot.

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I'm interested in buying the left door panel and the right fender.
Whats the condition and color of both them? I need a new door panel because mine has cracked. Also do u have the floor carpet? and whats the condition on that.

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The exterior color is that light green color, I think like sea foam green. Do you want the interior door panel? if so email me at [email protected] and I'll send you a pic, the fender is 65 + shipping. The carpet is in good shape and all exterior parts are charcole Grey (Dark Grey). The motor and tranny swap is 500 and it is in good shape with only 100K on it, but I am all ready holfing it for some one. Sorry, the tranny goes with the motor, which as I said Im holding for some one. I do on the other hand have a 95 Civic DX engine that I would sell for a little over 70 shipped, it has a lot of miles. If you guys have any more questions fill free to ask, The only things not up for sale any more is the Motor swap and the rear disk conversion.
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