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!!!Parts for Cheap!!!

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Hi everyone. I have these parts for sale. The nitrous parts are 2 months used, while the dash kit is BRAND NEW. Serious buyers only. Buyer pays for shipping. I only accept paypal as a form of payment b/c it is the most efficient and secure way to do internet transactions. If you are interested, you can email me at [email protected] or [email protected]. Again serious buyers only!!! I provide very fast and reliable service. I look forward to doing business with all of you. Take care.

1) BOTTLE w GAUGE + $15s/h = $115
ZEX™ Nitrous Supply Bottle And Control Head (Part #82000)
*Chrome bottle valve
*Chrome bottle nut
*10 lbs. purple nitrous bottle
*-4AN Bottle valve fitting
*Teflon bottle valve seal
*Siphon tube

Zex™ Nitrous Bottle Gauge With Manifold
*No more second guessing!
*Superior quality gauge, designed for accuracy and long life
*Black face with white readout is easier to read than white face gauges
*Allows precise monitoring of bottle pressure
*High-quality, great looking competition appearance!

2) 21 PC KIT + $5 s/h = $180.00
*Joshua Tree Wood Trim is pleased to offer this new exciting real brushed aluminum product. Most, if not all, "brushed aluminum" or "flex metal" that is on the market today is synthetic with an epoxy coating over it. No epoxy here. Just real aluminum with our 3M adhesive tape backing. Yes, this is the real McCoy!
*21 pieces
* MSRP =$287.56 ---> SALE = $230.05 --->
M Y P R I C E = $175.00

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