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Parts of GSR Replaced by an unknown integ

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Help!! Parts of GSR Replaced by an unknown integ

My GSR is in the shop right now and the shop owner said it be cheaper to replace parts with Junk yard parts from another integra i was wondering will it affect my performance. if the part was to be from a LS or GS or RS I will still keep my springs and stuff but stuff like the arms to hold the wheel and he wheel bearings and control arms for front and back, All metal pieces bent. Or will there be no diffrence? my car will be just as good?

PLease let me know
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i would not reuse the wheel bearings but controll arms would be fine. i would not reuse tie rods either. just use good judgement if it wears out on your car it most likley has been worn out on the junk yard car.
I forgot to mention that the part were in a accident because I spun about 200 degrees into a fence and the right side hit the curb damaging all the wheel suspension on the right side
hopefully parts from the junkyard wont affect my performance since it is in better condition then the broken parts that I have.
as long as the junk yard parts are ok you wont affect performance
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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