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performance, quite exhausts

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oh keep in mind, since I will be doin a mini-me sometime this summer. which has a 4-1 header.
(got the d16z6 for $500 w/ stillen header)

ok, here's the deal, I'm in need of an exhaust
asap. my stock pipes are about to rot off in pieces. So what's a descent diameter cat back pipe to use (I'm thinking about gettin a custom install mandrel bent) and what muffler do you think I should use. Thermal, Tanube (sp?), etc...
I want something that's bigger than stock but doesn't look like a trash can sittin off the back of my car. a nice humm, or dep tone would be nice (don't wanna sound like a swarm of bees). I have a very nice looking rex that I don't wanna f^*k up.

any ideas ???

Thanks in advance
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Thermal Stealth :D
thermal makes a cat back for a 91 rex ??
I looked at there site couldn't find anythin in the stealth section.
do a custom exhaust system...choose your muffler and jes add a resonator in the downpipe. you'll save money
Thermal, GReddy, DC..... all quality shit :)
thanks for the info, could you elaborate on putting a resonator in the downpipe ??
also, what's a good diameter to use ??
1.75" , 2", 2.5" ????
go with Greddy, you will not be dissapointed. I have the Greddy SP exhasut and the system is incredibly quiet. There are a lot of cops around where I like and the last thing that I need is a ticket for a lame ass sounding exhaust. Custom exhaust are a better deal, but keep in mind that they are custom! The dude will just weld some pipes to a muffler, no dyno tests to back it up. And for all you know, you may loose horsepower and especially torque. Go with with a tested brand.
2.25-2.5 either one if ur gonna go FI get a thermal. The GREDDY gets good feedback from everyone i dunno id rather have something different than everyone cause everyone has a greddy apexi WS
Make your own custom straight pipe. Thats what I'm gonna do.
Besides if you know the right people its cheaper too.
I know for sure Greddy's pretty quite..
but I always thought Thermal was loud.... hmmmm :confused:
losing hp and torque going custom.....for some reason i cant see that if its a performance muffler and a downpipe bigger than your stock one, but of course this works good if you have mods in your car like an intake and header.
2-2.5" for N/A, 3" for FI.
greddy is pretty good. my buddy has that as well as i do.
the exhaust that hks makes for rexes looks stock and ive heard is decently quite but also gives great gains.
im thinking if your going for a combination of looks and power like im thinking your trying to describe give hks a shot. just check the site man.
heard good things about thermal too though.
greddy is also cheap, well sorta i guess compared to hks everything is cheap.

Greddy is king when it comes to quiet exhausts.
Have me a Greddy MX and I must say it is the SHIT:D
i have a 5Zigen Fireball With custom 2 1/4" pipes...shit is quiet as hell...BTW i have a B18a in my rex.....
hey, thanks for all the great info.
now here's a challege. is there any manufacture
out there that has a muffler without a nasty ugly looking 4-6" exhaust tip. I'm your non-conformist
I don't like that look at all. I don't wanna look like a rice boy.
Greddy and HKS just don't fit my prefferences.
Theres a titanium back box out for the crx but i forget who makes it it has to be the trickest exhaust on the market it also glows bright blue when u drive the car hard
CRX-YEM...if you are lookin for a muffler without a tip then you can go with any flowmaster, raven, dynomax sort of muffler .....weld it on... and have a regular ol exhaust with a regualr ol pipe that looks stock. there are many manufacturers that sell mullers withou tips.
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