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Photoshop favor needed, please!

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It may be hard to work with that angle, but I thought I'd try and ask anyhow.

I would like to get an idea how my car will look when I get the ground controls and slam that biiiiiiitch! Well, eliminate the wheel gap all together....

Could someone photoshop that for me at that angle? It's the best angle I have on the car. And I won't have a digital camera for a while :eek:

For the 2nd favor:

Also, if it would not be to much trouble re-paint to white and maybe an Si upper grill :)

Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will be highly appreciated!!!
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95civicEX said:

the grill kindof sucks, but that should give you the basic idea
Hellzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Yeah!!

Tyte!! I like! That pic is giving me wood looking at it :eek: :D

I can't wait until I slam it and add the grill!!
Intgra22 said:
whats si grill like again?
Pretty much what's in the new picture :cool:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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