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Photoshop favor needed! (wheels on slammed Accord)

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Can someone add some 7 spoke wheels to my brother's Accord.
Just like the ones in my sig. He is talking about getting them in 18's for his LX.

...or if you can't find the wheel something in white you think would look good.

He is going to $hit if someone does this and I send it to him :p

Here are the 3 best shots.....

Thanks a lot!!!!
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Damn tell your bro he has a pimp ass car I loveit. Well here goes...

A little bit of chrome

In white

And I accidentally turned it blue and it turned out to look good

Hope it helps
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I'm going to send them to him. He is going to love it!!

Thanks again, much appreciated!!!
jdm aira said:
i spotted a ricer :eek:
Yeah, the H22 will change that.
Not really a ricer (except for the tails), more of unique. Minus the exahaust & tails I don't think he spent more than $75 on the exterior. Traded a short ram aerospeed intake for the wheels / tires. The cleared corners and lighting is what cost :p

Oh and he does have Venom stickers just in front of the rear tires :eek: You can just see part of the decal in the pic :)
jdm aira said:
i spotted a ricer :eek:
I don't see how that comment helped contribute to photoshopping rims on a car.
Thanks for comming out son!
jdm aira: Sleeper :sleep:

but not my style.
I'll send it to him though, thanks!!
That would look tyte if the wheels were bigger :)

Thanks for the demos ;)

When I get back to Sav. I am going to get Photoshop and learn the tricks :cool:

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