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Pic...Sorry I was stupid...tell me what u think

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Well I figured it out....Sorry to all you Superhonda Pro's
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car looks grea t for the colour. dont like the wheels.

have u ever taken it to a show?
well it just got finished, so i took it before, but not yet.....Thanks. Sorry u dont like the wheels. It aint all show either...:D
looks ok, i don't like the wheels either, but its your car so who cares
im not a fan of those rims either but u like them so thats wat matters. but other than that ur car looks wat u got under the hood:)
I like your choice in paint color, and honestly I don't think the rims look that bad. They match the color of your car. And yeah, whats under your hood?
beautiful paint and i've always liked 5gen projectors.... not diggin the rims though. . . nice antenna :D... so, what paint is it?
Wow, i must be where I am from, cause everyone usually likes the wheels. Oh well, I have had them since I bought the car, and I am gonan change them soon....other things came first. The color is the PPG Radiance Orange over sterling silver. It changes colors at night. I saw it on a hatch, so I decided to get it. It turned out ok, considering all the work I got done...and it was done by 2 Seniors in high school. It was a senior project, and considering my mom has been teaching there for 28 years....I kinda have a hook up. All I paid for was materials..and they did a ton of work.

The car is a 93, and it had some rust in the usual spots...they fixed those. Shave the holes for the side molding, shaved the antenna and mounted the Acura MDX antenna, shaved the inner parts on trunk. The kids did a freat job, considering the paint is real hard to work with.

For the motor, well it aint no 12 second car, but for the can hold its own. I got Greddy turbo kit 5.5lbs of boost (bought a little intercooler, so soon 9lbs:D ) JG throttle body, Aem Cam gear, Nology wires, Blits BOV, Zex plugs, Zex Nitrous Setup (40 shot), DC Catback, B&M Short shifter, thats about it for the motor. I am gonna take it to the track soon, but I am not much of a track person, but I have to just once.

Thanks for the opinions, now all I need is the photoshop pros to show me what my car would look like with Different wheels.

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thought about a fpr, some bigger injectors?
yeah, just getting into the fast scene. I had it sittin on AIR, the I decided not to sacrifice the ride for going a little faster. I didn't like the Air ride, even though it was slammed!!!

I am looking at new stuff......any suggestions. What injectors would be best for this motor, and any goof FPR out there, from experience??
have you checked the turbo d16 forum? the url is:

also, the d-series forum is here:
Are those mirror tints? If so, how much did they cost?
Yeah, it's Mirror. Not real bad though, cause I dont get much slack from the PO PO. Its called. Platinum Plus, and I don't know what the price get it 150 around here, but depends on where u live
not wasn't my camera, and the car was actually filthy when I took those pics.. Thank god it aint black no more, cause it would show, but I didn't get to take any of the motor...but I am this week. so I will post them, aint nuttin special yet though..need some ideas...
your car looks nice bro. let me us know how you do at the track becuz im thinking of running the same set up,greddy turbo.
not trying to flame... but

i dont like your:
spoiler (never have like those)
and is your hood painted black?

the color on your car is nice though...
Yeah...when I go at the track, I will let you know.

Thats cool Dug..your intitled to your own opinion! We all have our likes and dislikes. The hood is carbon fiber.
Personally I ike the car. The paint job is the bomb and I think the chrome wheels go with the car perfect. Keep up the good work.

where are you from cause that background looks familiar?
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