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PIcs of Feb 17 south FL meet!!!!!!!

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Wow guys that WAS a GREAT turnout. We had turbo Tegs, spraying Ludes, Type S's, Type R's, hybrids, clubs, and crews all go to
our meet. Imagine the turnout if the HMI show wasnt goin on. We would have filled up the whole park.

As far as the next one we could set it up in conjunction with the Moroso show since in April so we can help out our north
Broward/Palm Beach folks.

Hey about some feedback guys. What did you think that we could do differently other than have the host show up on time.

Here are the pics.
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ir the webpage worked, you might have a couple more replys
It does work. The site admin might have been working on it.
oh ok, nice pics... cant you make your sig go more left-right than up-down... makes people scroll more...
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