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Pics Of My Car

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Again, sorry if I use a lot of space:)

Again, sorry if I took up a lot of space:)
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Damn sweet ride man! Only thing I would change is the rims (just not my type...but to each his own). Keep up the good work.
Clean ride, cept for the rims, but very nicely done. :D
Hi nice car man! for sure ditch the rims but over all nice!:cool:
Did you paint your Dash or get it wrapped in vinyl...
PS: if you want bags on ur show car let me know i have 2 new EAI rods in the box never opened..
Where are you from in SoCal?
i like it all except for the chrome dubs.
Nice interrior...I'm not digging the rims...but nice ride.:D
nice i like the interior!
nice nice, yeah I hate the rims, but everything else is great. I think he's still in Japan tho.
Nice car my man......again I agree with the crowd.......rims not my style....( you got the white and blue about whtite rims??).....I mean you've spent lots of money already....what's another thou?.....j/k.....nice car!!!!:D ;)
HeheheHek...where's my money mang? hook it up if a G ain't a thang. LOL Well I was hoping to get hooked up with a set, but it's hard being here in Japan and doing all this stuff. The last time I saw it, was in October, and the last time I drove it, was in May.
wa...nice and clean..well..wat about some gunmetal rims when you comeback?..:D
I was thinking maybe getting some gun metal rims, but I might go with white when I do get new ones...which will be in about 736 years:D
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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