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pics of my hatch

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going for a jdm look... what do u think? also, should i paint my side/door moldings or remove them? i'm going for the cheaper alternative (BTW).
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it shows a TRIPOD thing?
Can't link pics form Tripod dude....

But I manged to see them, not too bad so far.
Like the rims! :cool:

If anyone wants to see them copy and paste these links in your browser:
wait nevermind, i saw em, nice hatch, thats similar to how i wanted mine to look.
babyduey: Leave the black side moldings. If your going the JDM route, I would say leave them as is, because if you look at the 5th Generation Spoon Civic the side moldings on it are black as well.
i can not see it
damn, tripod sucks a fat them on so we ALL can see them...
For the incompetent people, Here are his pictures:

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damn nice man, im going for jdm look too. Very clean keep up the good work man.
you need to get rid of that crooked ass sticker above your muffler. other than that its pretty tight. do you have any spoon parts on there?
not jdm enuff yet

car looks nice Duey, time to work on getting some nasty red valve cover type jdm under the hood...
Very nice way to go on the JDM look
thanks for the compliments! and for jdmsijdm, i dont have any REAL spoon parts on my car. the badge came with the duckbill. i will remove it later on... put it on my dash board..... and that crooked sticker is a jdm thing.... OPTION2 is a car mag in Japan.

jaysi, that is a nice jdm civic.

l2p said:
jaysi, that is a nice jdm civic.

Not mine, it's babyduey's I just posted it for him.
It is a nice civc though!

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