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Pics of my new Civic

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Hi I'm new to this fourm.

Here's some pix of my ride... not really "new" since I had it for a year. As you can see, I'm in a desperate need of rims + lowering, and I'm working on that bit now (financially, that is).

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you wax that b!tch everyday, don't you! IT LOOKS CLEAN!

Sweet ride!
Looks nice man, keep it clean. Flex that 7th gen and be proud. Those projectors are fuckin nuts.
just ditch the altezza's :D
Hmmm... real clean. . .but no offence, just not my type, it kinda look like a toy car to me... sorry... but real clean!
I dont like seeing cars with just lighting shit.... but I guess if thats your style go for it.....
Well, it would be slammed w/17" rims..............

If I had the funds! :D Coming very soon though, I'm actually shopping around because I've been diligently saving up. Plus I'm throwing in a system...

All carry over parts from my previous ride, but hey... I'm in the economy mode!

Pioneer CD Player w/Organc Display
JBL 1200W RMS Monoblock
JBL 60W x 4 RMS
Infinity Kappa Perfect 12.1 x 2
Infinity Kappa 6 1/2" Component Speakers
Infinity Kappa 6x9" 3-Way Speakers

That's it for this spring! Maybe in the winter I'll get the alarm/keyless/autostart combo.
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