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Pics of my new kit

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Heres some pics of the rest of my kit. Kaminari Front, WW sides/rear. The pic quality isn't great. Any opinions, I have rims but there off for the winter.
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looks good..clean..what wheels do you have?
I got 16" ADR Phase ll white wheels w/red caps, Kumho Ectsa supra tires.
The only thing I don't like about that kit is that you can't get ones with holes cut for aux lights.
My sol didn't come with aux lights anyways so it dont matter. 96-97 sols dont have aux lights.
Lose the 99-00 Si logo on back. It just doesn't look like it belongs...

Otherwise, I like.

(see, I kept my mouth shut about the wing! Ha!)
no you didnt
the wing aint that big, its similar to the stock one
i believe its a tanabe hyper medallion exhaust.
OmegaDelSol said:
no you didnt
the wing aint that big, its similar to the stock one

are you smoking crack?
yeah it tanabe hyper medallion.
The wing is the same height as the stock one, it just sticks out more on the ends, and the ends are flat instead of rounded.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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