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is the only crx. Enjoy!
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15.3 ???????:confused: that blows ass did u goto driving school at walmart
Nice rex.:D Which mount kit are you using?? What are your future plans?
haha, I know that time was bad but it was my very first time at the track and I was working on my take offs. Plus I really need to lower my reaction time too. It was not the car, it was me.
i know watcha mean about practicing on those launches ZERO COOL...i have the same problem
reaction times dont count in overall time. i have my rt down to .04 and it doesnt help my overall time
i find that hard to believe... .04 rt? i thought that a .4 rt was good... maybe i'm just mis-informed... hmm.....
depends on the track a .5 is .000 and .54 would be .04 at another track depends on teh tracks timing chart.some tracks i get .55 some i get .05 u understand? if i had a .300 at the track with teh .5 reaction i would have redlighted make sense now
Man, paint that engine bay if your gonna be showin off your engine!! Very clean crx.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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