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Ok well I had my Tanabe coilovers in for over a year, well about a month ago I went up a driveway side ways and one of the spring tops came down crooked and the vehicles weight smashed it up. Tanabe wanted me to wait 3 months for a shipment from Japan to get the mounts, but i managed using upgrade parts.

1st thing was to make sure it didnt happen again. Helper-springs keep some tension on the spring at all time (even at full extention), b/c without them the spring has about 2 inchs of free play from the top of the shock tower. (loose). Aditionally the helper-springs take some of the 'pre-load' of the vehicles weight so the main spring can perform better.

here you can see the coilover using the OEM shock tower and no pillow mounts.. knowtice the room for freeplay.. (not good)

here you can see the new setup for the coilover.

The pillow mounts keep the shock top centered at all times keeping geometry in spec. Also the rubber bushings on the oem tower are no longer existant that used to absorb the smaller bumps. This provides for a better feel of the road and more abosorbtion sent to the shock where it was ment to be.

Those were for the rear .. today ill be installing the pillows on the front as well, but dont need the helper springs there. Also im ordering 20mm shorter springs for the rear b/c the type-II (made for no helper spring) are 20mm too long (compared to type-I). So ill be working on this for a little bit.

interior side before and after ..

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