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Piston Slap

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I had my D16Y8 motor rebuilt approximately 5 months ago. When I got the car back, it sounds like a diesel. You can hear the pistons slapping, especially when you first start the car. I dies down some, but it is still definitely heard after the car has warmed up. The shop lowered the compression in my engine by using arias 8.5:1 pistons to accomodate the 10 psi pulley on the supercharger and any future upgrades. My question is is this piston slap normal???? I have people looking at me funny when they hear my engine. The most common response is, "your engine ain't supposed to sound like that." The shop owner said that it is normal and that the engine was built loose for a longer engine life and reliability. The performance is great, but it sounds like crap.

Anyone else have this problem?
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I can't say that I've ever heard of an engine being built "loose" for reliability. Piston slap is definately not normal, and it sounds to me like you are getting jerked around. I'd take it back and demand they redo the engine. If it is indeed piston slap.....the motor is NOT going to be reliable for a long period of time.
I had my D16A6 built with Arias Pistons and Total Seal rings and when it is could it has bad piston slap but when it warms up it is gone.. My dad built it and all the clearances are good, if I remember correctly Arias even sends documentation of what they want for clearances. Mine has 20k on it since the rebuild and it runs great. THe om=nly thing is dont bag it til it is totally warmed up.
Cool. That makes me feel a little better. Mine is exactly as you describe, bad slap when cold, but disappears at operating temps. Thanks for your response.
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