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piston swap confusion.

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i'm planning doing a piston swap on my b18b1 engine to obviously raise the compression for more power, can anybody tell me what are the best honda pistons to this with and possibly what the approx. comp ratio is? thanx
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JDM B16A Pistons (P30). Yields 11:1 Compression.

Integra Type-R pistons do the same, but they aren't a direct swap (you have to mill the small end of the rods 1mm each side to make them fit).

You can have some fun experimenting here if you want: Compression Calculator - Honda, Acura Tech Website, tutorials, tuning and HOW-TO's. Drag racing, street racing, road racing -
i had to mill the rods for the type-r pistons i put in my buddys ls-v i built......well worth those but a set of b16 pistons and a milled head should bump u up nicely
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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