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pistons for supercharged d16 civic

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Alright, I am having to have the engine short block replaced, and I am going to try and get forged pistons and such... I am running a supercharged application and the stock pistons and rings lasted maybe 7500 miles. I need your help!! I don't know anything about this portion of tuning, and am wondering what are the name brands that work with the D series engines and if you could can you send me some links??? I appreciate your help!!!
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'97 Honda Civic

A friend of mine has a '97 Civic D16 4dr., and wishes to get some parts for his car...the budget unfortunately is $200 :mad

any help would be great...

Thank you
What's your C/R stock and how much boost are you planning on running on what system? I need more info.
I know exactly where to go...

KMS engine development is where you can get a really good pair of pistons....
Check it out
How much boost are you running. If 10 and under your stock pistons should of been good enough with a good tune.
agreed... you really only need new piston if your boost is going to be above 10 psi or around...
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