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At what hp level or boost level will I need to get forged pistons? Also, what would it take to get my car to run 13's? I have a 94 gsr with 110k on it.
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have your motor rebuilt
port and polish ya head
ITR pistons bored 20 over
CTR cams
blue print and balace your crank
knife edge the crack
lightened flywheel about 13lbs or so
a good clutch
msd ignition and you will be runnin 13's
easy i did this with an ls/vtec in a 4 dr 13.89 at 99 MPH
now runnin turbo havent timed it yet
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4drturbo has the right setup. flywheel is a bit heavy but thats good because it means its more sturdy. running any gears with that setup???????? pulleys???????
had aem cam gears and pulleys at the time now im runnin a GSR motor fully built turbo. oil pump siezed on the ls/vtec and siezed my motor =( i dynoed at 220 hp at 8 psi 196 lbs of torque im now gonna be runnin 16 psi no exhaust and a few more internal mods so i should be pushin 300 wheel hp once tuned. ill get you guys a dyno sheet once i have it done motor will be done tuesday and i have to break it in first so ill let ya know
all you need to do is put a turbo kit on a gsr or an ls for that matter and it will be in the 13's.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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