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pix of my new car

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let me know what you think!
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remove the mud flaps.

its nice and clean.
i dont get anything on ur site
nice nice!!! i need naws!!!!
not bad at all, first honda pic i've seen with a venom nitrous setup :)

cloud7 I love the pic in your sig... can't wait until I get mine!
Nice car man, just like my car except mine is a coupe, has leather seats, and its stock! Still debating if I should do something to it or just get another car.
the rims have too many spokes.. outa curiousity, are you mexican?

im not trying to flame at u or anything.. it just seeems like hispanics and black people like chrome and rims with a lot of spokes.. :)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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