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Plastic piece rattles!

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Has anyone else noticed that the plastic piece near the valve cover rattles at certain RPMS? It is so annoying!

I don't know if it started after I installed my SRI but I notice it now and wanted to see if anyone else has. Any fixes besides the obvious of removing it?
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I don't have that problem... but then again I have the stereo on most of the time...
hey btw, how are those Bose sound systems anyways? I've never listened to any and I was just wondering what kind of sound quality they produce.
I bet there isn't much difference between the sound quality of the Type S and the other RSX models... but at least it is a Bose. The most disappointing thing is that the Subwoofer is pretty much not noticeable. The dealer have a fix for it but I am not gonna bring it up until the next service.
Just a FYI: Apparently the problem is only with VIN numbers through 016209 (last 6 numbers) so if your VIN is beyond this, that's as good as it gets :(

Mine is beyond that and it sounds decent, but then again my 2001 GSR had 2 10's in the hatch so I'm spoiled.
It's actually a really easy fix if you want to venture into it.

1/4" socket to remove the cover off the Bose sub. When you open it, you will see a 5" speaker in there (oh god). The Bose amp is there with a whole bunch of wires hooked to it. Just use a small screwdriver (for glasses or something) and pop the yellow and purple wire out of the harness and switch them around. That is basically the fix. Very simple. Just put everything back and bolt the cover back on tight. Voila. Still doesn't sound great, but it does sound better.
yeah, I've heard of the fix but I'm not the hands on type of person that do things myself... I'll take it in to the dealer the next time and have them take a look at it.
Yeah, taking it to the dealer would be the best and easiest way to do it. Tell them to look in their December 2001 Bulletin, it's in there.
are you sure its not the heatshield that cam with the injen intake?
RSX-S said:
are you sure its not the heatshield that cam with the injen intake?
Yep, because I am driving without a heatshield right now. I had the new black "improved" one and it cracked in a different location.

I found a solution to this problem on another thread, they just put a washer until the cover and it gives it enough gap and it doesn't vibrate anymore. I have not tried it out yet, but it makes sense.
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