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PlayStation Home Developer Lineup Tops Two Dozen

Posted on Wed Feb 11, 2009 5:22AM EST

- What's Sony's PlayStation Home need to really spool up the engines and take off?

Content, for starters, which is what they're hoping two dozen licensed publishers and developers can eventually whip up. The list of 24, scraped off a slide revealed by Watch Impress, includes a mix of well and lesser known U.S. and Japanese companies.

Capcom and EA have already been chatting up content for the still-beta service. EA's planning a "sports complex" designed to appeal to "both casual and hardcore gamer, while Capcom just announced plans to deliver promotional material, like a Resident Evil 5 themed area and a Chris Redfield costume for avatars.

Here's the full list:

Acquire Activision AQ Interactive Atlus Capcom D3 Publisher Disney Interactive EA Game Republic Genki Gungho Hudson Irem Koei Konami Namco Bandai Nippon Ichi Paon Q Entertainment Sega SNK Playmore Spike Tecmo Ubisoft

Sony still hasn't sold me on the PlayStation Home notion that trotting through a virtual mall trumps drilling directly on content. That, and the product tie-ins sound a little corny. Does anyone want to dress like Chris Redfield? Can any but the hardest of hardcore Resident Evil fans even visualize what that means?

Now how about a Resident Evil 5 themed area instead, and a zombie-chopping mini-game like the one in Saints Row 2.

by : Yahoo! Tech
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