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Please Help! a question about Ebay!

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Ok I won an auction for a Drag 3 kit for 2200. It's low. but the guy is charging me $550 for shipping!!! What can I do? I think it's so cheap that he's doing this! Is there some sort of protection from Ebay from ppl like this?

The guys ebay id is dlprincess653. Don't bid in his auctions!:mad:
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just dont pay it...tell him that he is nuts, and see if you can have it shipped cheaper, find out its weight and call UPS...they can pick it up and you pay shipping to them, not him. when i got my AEM CAI off ebay the shpiing was like $50. that is how people make their money on there. from now on bid only on people that have shipping charges on the item page. sorry dude...
Ebay has rules against this kind of practice. Check the weight on the kit, price it at UPS, and if it is significantly less report it to Ebay. They will take care of it.
Would anyone kno the weight by any chance? AAARRRGGHHH!
I have bad news for you...

If you read in his item discription that shipping was $550, and it was posted on the auction BEFORE YOU BID, then you bid on an auction that was LEGIT to charge that amount. You cannot say after you have won an auction that you don't agree to the posted terms of that auction. Many people post excessive shipping fees in order to absorb the cost of the product...i.e. A cd on a dutch bid(of 100) that sells for a penny, but the shipping is $14.95 or so. It is a common practice, I have been E-baying for 3-4 years, and the one thing I have learned is read the info before you bid, and don't think if something seems funny it's a misprint, IT'S NOT! Why do you think it only sold for $2200, when they get $2800-$3000 all the time, and people bid on them like crazy! Do you think you were just lucky? I am sure others had read the discriptor, and unlike you, were adding that $550 into the cost, and they thought that $2750 was just too much. Now if he didn't post the fees, that's another thing, but in this case, I think you will have to cough up the dough. Sorry...
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Nope, he did not post the shipping on the auction. And I think the bid was low because the guy had negative feedback.
you got the auction # ? ill check into this guy...
i have posted a complaint for you. you may want to notify ebay yourself, as well as the seller. go to ebay services and there is a dispute resolution place where you can take care of this.
Thank you so much jason! I kno you didn't even have to help me this much! I am soo grateful!

Thanks again.
no prob man, have you had any contact with the seller? you need to personally ask why it costs so much for shipping...any time man...
This is what the person wrote as an explanation of the outrageous shipping charge.

it is shipped from drag and that includes insurance for the boxes which weigh a good amount i can get it for like 2600 with shipping is your new total.
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