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please help

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Need to know what i can exspect from a 1991hatch back with a b16a for times vs a civic si it is 400 pund lighter than the si,what do you think. thanks
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i have a 90 hatch and i ran a 15.3 in palmdale with just intake, cam gears, ls tranny, and fuel rail+regulator....i then ran a 13.9 at pomona on the bottle with the same mods..50 shot NOS....with my new headers, exaust, and a JDM ITR head Im looking at low 13's...all of these times are on cheater slicks...
why are u runnin a LS tranny?? u plannin to boost?? also would it be wise to put the 1.8 head on the 1.6 block. wouldnt there be conflict w/ the bore size diff??
tI had blown the b16 tranny and the ls was cheaper...but im also planning on my turbo soon so everything fell into place...and yes...the itr head on the b16 is common and causes no problems...almost all the parts on b series motors is interchangeable...except a few things...and of those few things you can modify one or both parts to mate up....theres no conflict in the bore sizes....the combustion chamber on the itr head is slightly larger yes, but all that will do is lower my compression every so slightly...but the power gains are well worth the compression loss.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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