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please help!

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My car starts w/ out me engaging the clutch, is this bad and what can i do if it is? thanx
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is it in gear? if so, thats bad, if not dont worry about it. i always start my car with out the clutch in. just not in gear, in neutral
Thanx thats what i wanted to hear, I appreciate it.:D
heres a frens mr2 can be started without steppin on the clutch
I bet you guys have '88's right? I have heard that the '88 didn't have the clutch safety feature.

My first car was a miserable '81 Pontiac T1000 baby and it didn't have the clutch cut feature either....hahahaha go figure though.

yeah i have an '88 si and i have never had to have the clutch pushed in to start it. sux when u forget its in gear:D
Mines an 88 too and i just realized i didnt need to use the clutch, kinda freaked me out.
88s didnt have alot of the crap that the 89-91 had like the usdm rear suspension, the door mounted seat belts, door impact beams and that clutch safety switch
what is a usdm rear suspension?
in 1988 the second gen crx came out and it had passive rear wheel steering and that is wut the type r steering and all japanese rear suspesions were based off of. the control arms are different and most of teh other parts like shocks and such. teh americans who bought them in 88 complained that the cars where to nimble i guess u would say the rear end has a tendensy to pull itself out. creating oversteer
Over steer? i think you got that a little backwards... it creates understeer.... lol. most front wheel drive cars produce oversteer where u over shoot a turn. (you have to break more when turning) as for the understeer you can pull more gas down the pipes and have understeer.
no i mean OVER STEER thanx though when ur tail end moves out from behind u, u tend to overshoot a turn. teh 88s have ear passives steering witch i really dont feal like goin into but it does creat oversteer
jdmb18hatch said:
no i mean OVER STEER thanx
good comeback, hehe....but yeah, passive steering is not quality...i dont like it
is that why all the japanese civic and integras use it? is that why the us ITR uses it maybe thats why its not quality.
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