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Please read before posting

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aahahaha lol :) :D ;) :p :eek: :cool: ... i love those faces...
i feel dumb..should have let it finish loading
That's my biggest pet peave when someone who doesn't know what they are talking about refers to Nitrous as "NOS" because they heard it called that in a movies.
i know what you mean... but since NOS *the manufacturer* payed for movie adverisement, i guess it's ok this once. :vivi:

Afterall, he DID use NOS, and not NX. So imagine if he went into the store and said....

"I need nx. And i need it tonight." It doesn't sound as good.


Try saying: "I need venom performance vcn2000 computer controled nitrous. And i need it tonight"


NOS = NitrousOxideSystem = N20... It's quicker to say, and Everyone knows what you mean.
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just wanted to add, i work at an import shop. Some people come in and ask for a BENDIX. Most people know what it is. I had no clue though. Turned out to be a simple starter spring. NOBODY calls it a 'starter spring' though... 100% of the american population just call it a bendix.

For more info, Bendix was the company that made replacements for them. It was aftermarket, and cheaper than OEM in the 60's 70's and 80's. Even after the company went outta business... (i think) 20 years ago, it's still called a starter bendix.

Just some dumbass input. NOW YOU KNOW, and you can sleep better knowing that information. IT'll probably be the same with NOS (the company) in 50 years. People will always call n20 nos!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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