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Car: 00' EM1
Engine: B16A2 (turbo)
Website: PLX Devices
Bought From: Street Rays

I recently installed a PLX M-300 Wideband Oxygen Sensor kit with my new turbo exhaust. The PLX M-300 is not vehical specific, you can use it with whatever honda/acura you own. The install is very simple, and easy enough. In my case, I had a custom 3" downpipe fabricated for me, and an extra o2 bung was welded onto my downpipe. All I had to do was screw in the sensor and run the wires. I ordered the kit from I highly recommend this place to buy from if your looking for a WBO. Fast shipping, and always in stock!

Good: :btu

Kit comes with a long wiring harness, which makes it easy to route the wiring which ever way you want. Easy enough to wire up. Display is bright a bright red numeric digital display. Can be wired into your ecu for narrow band output (replace primary o2 sensor with this PLX sensor for closed loop operation), and display wideband readings at the same time. A MUST HAVE for turbo applications. Can be used for datalogging via hondata/uberdata/crome. A very useful tuning & general data tool.


Display Unit itself is long, limiting placement inside your vehical. In some cases a second o2 sensor bung will need to be welded into place (not included in kit) You have to option of using this sensor as a replacement primary o2 sensor, or add a second o2 bung, it's up to you how you want to go about doing this.

Here are some pics of the PLX controller installed in my 00' EM1

picture of the timer and WBO on

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