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Hi I am new to this site but I am trying to sell my car and a friend said to try here. What I have is a 1993 Civic EX coupe it has a built b16, 01 gsr tranny, t3/t4 turbo, p28 ecu running uber, full 3inch exhaust from the turbo out, tint, alarm, decent stereo, boost air fuel and fuel pressure guages, and 5 lug, etc etc. There is alot more done but what I am looking for is $8,000 obo. I ahte to sell this car becouse its my baby but I am trying to buy a house. The engine only has around 8,000 miles on it since the build the tranny doesnt have a lot more than that and the suspension and brakes have around 1,500 on them. All the work was done at a Honda dealer ( i worked there) and only honda guys did the build. All tunibg was done at Speed factory. Please call or email with any questions thanks
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Hey just read the rules a bit late doh! I want to sell this car and it is not a pos. It is in Puyallup WA and I need to get a down payment for a house I would like to buy. The cars body has 180k on it but the suspension and engine tranny are almost new. I would appreciate not getting deleted but rules are rules so at least check it out if you want I really want to sell this soon!
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