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In short 0-60 times are about 9 seconds and 1/4 mile is indeed about high 15's to 16's


The Police car in it's full size form has a few variant's for transmissions and gearing, MOST are geared for highway usage.


It really hauls Ass from a 65 MPH cruising speed to about 130MPH. They are Geared for highway speeds and Very Good pickup from a cruising speed to top speed.

Cop cars either the older Caprices or the New Ford Crown Vics are NOT that quick. Fast and quick are two completely different things.

The feel you get when driving one is the Torque and NOT the Horsepower. Most cop cars with the exception of the Camaro's and Mustangs have had less than even 225 WHP. When you combine that HP with a 3,500 to 4K pound car and all the equipment the acceleration numbers are not going to be too impressive.

The Fastest and highest HP cars were the 95-96 Chevy Caprice/Impala crusiers right before they were discontinued.

I have owned 2 Caprice ex police cruisers with many good experiences and the torque is there to smoke the rear tires very well, and for their size the car handles remarkably well and has tons of room inside and is rather intimidating to drive on the open roads when it is outfitted again.

Police cars are NOT designed to be the fastest car, or be the quickest to any given speed even.

They are designed to be able to speed the longest and outlast what they are chasing. They have tranny and oil coolers, heavy duty hoses and belts, heavy duty alternators and full throttle power cutoffs and lock out torque convertor transmissions with Over Drives geared to over 150 MPH, extra large brakes, balanced driveshafts for safer more constant highspeeds without issue.

What stops the car from achieving anything higher than 130 to 140 MPH or so is the lightbar which produces so much drag at speed. The Chevy speedos were calibrated to 1 MPH increments, the Fords to 2 MPH increments, so the Fords are less accurate. But, don't try to argue your way out of a ticket with that information.

You may be able to outrun the cruiser but, you can Never outrun the radio and not frequently outrun a helicopter.

If you intend or try to outrun a cop then you are just plain Stupid and endangering other innocent citizens lives. And you deserve more than the sentences that they hand out for such an offence.

Cop cars ain't that fast but, if you know how to drive they can be pretty effective.


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Here's what I know...

OK first,

I have seen loads if different types of vehicles used as Police cars or painted up and outfitted as Police cars. Most are used as political tools and or for organizations like D.A.R.E.

I remember the Connecticut State Police using ANY type of upscale car that they confiscated from any drug dealers in the early 90's. I saw a Bentley driven with a light-bar and CSP plates and a uniformed officer driving one day.

They'd outfit the cars with light-bars and radios and drive them to political events and even use them from time to time as chase cars in speed traps but, they were DEFINITELY NOT used for EVERYDAY mundane patrol ALL OF THE TIME.

They were a novelty and used to show the "Bad Guys" that the cops Win and that they would use their seized money, property and even cars to aid in Law Enforcement.

To answer the original question, I had to dig up some old books I had and some sales literature that I had stored.

The current Crown Victoria is powered by a 4.6 liter V-8 and has since the printing of my books been upgraded in several ways but, the HP and performance numbers are similar. (For the life of me I wish I saved the last Car & Driver that I had that listed the latest Crown Vic's numbers.)

At any rate, the 92 Crown Vic produced 210HP and 270 PF/TQ from a 281 CI motor. Top speed was of course Drag limited at 123MPH.

1/4 mile times were in the low 17's at just over 80MPH

TIme from 60 to 90 MPH was 11.59 sec

0-100 took 25.5 sec

with 17MPG for city and 25MPG for highway mileage

According to my friends and family that are or were cops, the Crown Vic has Never been an officers favorite. The Chevy Caprice was tougher in their words, more powerful and less prone to reliability issues that the Crown Vic was. A good example of Ford trouble was it's mid 80's Vic's and the many troubles with their electrical systems, And of course, back then and up till almost the end of the Caprice, the Crown Vic was more expensive to purchase and maintain albeit more luxurious and comfortable.

Now as a simple comparison, the Older boxy shaped Caprices 9C1's and oddly enough the style I've owned a few of;

were 212.2" long
had a wheelbase of 116"
and were a bit over 3,800 lbs BEFORE being outfitted by each municipality.

It was offered with 3 different motors:

A 2 or 4 bbl carburated motor before 88 and then the TBI'd

V-6 rated at 140WHP for the city
0-100 was 53.09 sec
Top speed was 110 mph
with 19 city and 27 hwy MPG

Then was the 305 V-8 rated at 170 HP and 225 PF TQ
0-100 MPH was 42.6 sec
Top speed was 113 mph
and decent for either city or highway use

And for the boxy Chevy the biggest motor available was the
350/5.7ltr V-8 rated at 190 hp and only took 30 seconds to get to 100 mph

and a top speed of 122 mph again, drag limited

It tested as the fastest full size Patrol car in it's last year of production in 1990.

In 1991 Chevrolet completely redesigned the Caprice into the newer "Shamu" or "M&M" shaped model. Rpoduction ended for this car in 1996 much to the chagrin of many law enforcement officers.

This new model offered only 2 motor choices, the 305 V-8 at 170hp and the 350 V-8 at 205 hp.

The 205 hp 350 would go 8.77 from 0 - 60 and and a top speed of 132 mph, The fastest of any of the full size cruisers tested for those years.

They weighed 4,000 lbs and could stop from 60 mph in 144 feet thanks to ABS and massive front discs and rear drums, and
P225/70HR15 tires.

There were many choices when ordering a Chevy Caprice Police car besides just the Police package. Following are a few standards; The speedo was digital and certified in 1mph increments with a readout from 0 to 199. Other gauges were analog (tach, oil, volts, and temp). There was an automatic Full throttle cut-off for the AC for pursuit. Everything was heavy duty for the 9C3 package; heavy duty frame and cross members, 15X7" wheels with heavy duty suspension and HD brakes. The cooling system had 2 fans, and external coolers for power steering, engine oil and tranny fluid. The alternator was rated at 140 amps output to run ANYTHING! The tranny had a low-gear block-out and lock out torque convertor. All radiator and heater hoses were silicone with worm gear clamps. The drive shaft was specially balanced to prevent high speed vibrations. Chevrolet offered by count more options for a Police car than any other manufacturer.

For 1994, with the addition of the 260 hp LT1 engine option, the Caprice Police package became the fastest full size four door police package sedan built to date. And to my knowledge no other 4 door cruiser has beat it since.

My references are my collections or sales flyers from Chevrolet and Ford for their respective Police package and fleet lineups,
"Modern Police Cars" by Robert Genat and
"Police Cars, A history" by Monty McCord.

I have several close friends and family that are current or retired Law officers and I personally owned 3 Police package vehicles. One 87 Caprice and an 89 Caprice both with 350 V-8's, the 87 was a 4bbl carb and the 89 was TBI. I also had a 92 9C3 with the NY State Police Standard Trooper package which did include the 350 V-8. I wish I had or got my hands on the 94 LT1 after I drove one but, they were very hard to come by for as cheaply as the others I owned, since they were a LOT more popular with the departments and officers and were such awesome cars. Many local departments kept the LT1 cars in service many miles past 100,000 based upon reliability, popularity and sheer strength.

Things to remember is that they were NOT sports cars and did NOT provide sports car speed or acceleration or lateral grip or performance handling.

The WERE designed to go as quickly as possible while fully loaded with light-bar, equipment and emergency gear, for the longest reliable period of time, while being Tough enough to follow the bad guys both on and Off Road and over curbs and sidewalks AND be able to provide a reasonably comfortable and safe office for the law officer to travel as efficiently as possibly in.

So fast, is relative. Yes, they were Faster and more powerful AND more reliable than your average consumer sedan. but, they couldn't chase down a Porsche or Corvette or anything... They could however PIT those cars our outlast them with ease.

And I believe that HToWnAccoRd is either just confused or just not being clear.

Other than that,,, There is NO Feasible reason to put a small block Chevy into a Ford car to make a better, faster Police interceptor. At the least, a hybrid swap like this would defeat the strength of the Police cruiser which is it's reliability and ability to outlast the car it chases.

That's what I KNOW!


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I always loved the "look" of the 77 Dodge Monaco... This CHP car reminds me of the "CHiP's" cars.

The 1978 440 Fury Salon was also a classic, the "TJ Hooker look!"

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