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Dual Exhaust? For Looks not performance.

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Poll - Dual Exhaust - Civic?

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What do you guys think about dual exhauts for a civic? I know there wouldn't be any performance gain - more or less just weight gain. However, for look purposes, what you think?


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I'm really trying to get some import peoples opinions!

I'm trying to put together a kit that will match up w/ eachother and look phat.. I'm pretty close, took some time and countless pictures to find what I really want. Now it's up to the rear end.. this bumper would fit the kit, yet not sure if I would do the dual exhaust :confused:

I'm trying to match up the Black Widow side skirts - the guy who posted his big interior pics and exterior pics (4dr lx w/ rear door handles shaved/ bw kit) has a rear bumper and I think it's the black widow.. not sure though! I posted hopefully, i can see the rear bumper!

LX98Civic said:
Don't worry about what everyone else likes! Go with what you like. People are always going to have something negative about any import!!!!
Yer exactly right bud! :)
CivicLx said:
Don't listen to 98LXCivic...he's gay:D Just messin...sup mang? I say go with whatever you want. I'm thinking about doing the same thing. If you decided not to though, you could always put a tow hook there or something.
lol tow hook :D Yeah jus another thang to think about.. probably may do it fer show!

Juggles said:
Do whatever you like. I wouldn't do it though. It's more expensive, hurts performance due to too much drop in back pressure, weighs more, and people who know what makes a fast rice burner would probably laugh at it. You'd probably be happier with a high quality cat-back.
yah i definately wouldn't be doing it for the performance! i'm just trying to think what would look good with that back bumper or a back bumper that would look good and line up with the black widow side skirts...

i'm really not found of dual exhaust for the exact reasons quoted.. yet for look.. to fit that bumper was thinkin about it.. but yeah $$$ :p
CanSi2G said:
The only Dual Exhaust car that I like is a 96 GSR that is cruisin' around my area. He bought two Fireball's and had pipe custom bent for dual's. He has then slightly angled out and they look awsome.

Then again I'm not a Big tip fan.
Hrmm I have the 5Zigen Fireball Exhaust.. hehe 1/2 there if were to go w/ it :D
CivicLx said:
What about the Buddy Club rear? I don't know how well it would match up with the BW sides, but I think it's a tight back bumper.
That is a sweet back bumper - I'll ask/look around to see if drops that low :)
Okay - why do we have all the same ideas!? LOL

I have been putting my kit together based on the Sensei front end!

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Juggles said:
Too much drop in backpressure results in a loss of lower end torque and sometimes, an unstable idle. The best dual exhaust would be from the cat to a muffler, to a y-pipe, and then to the exits. This way you'll get the look without too much drop in backpressure. It'll save you money too.
What about weight gains?

Then again depends on how much go you really are.

Thanks for the help guys!
Ah let's not worry about it fellaz.. the poll was just for how it would look anywhoo :D

Thanks for everyone's help though!
CivicLx said: posted the "Mortal Kombat" car. I love that kit. I like his grill a lot too. Did you get my last email?
Hey Mike - this one? "The panels and dash were redone with vinyl. I'm not sure the specific color, but the body color....." I got that one and replied to it and the one that said "Did you get my last email" :D

Are you talking about the lower grilling? Is that just some inserts for show or is that a type of grilling? I liked it too but it looked like just for show :confused:
eitan said:
Err.. dual exhaust on a 4-cylinder engine? That's stupid. Supras push 800-900RWHP with single exhaust pipes all the time.. why should you need dual?

And the pictures of that kit you posted, haha, what's the point of having a huge opening in your front fascia if you're going to put a plate behind it? If your car isn't turboed with an intercooler what's the point?!
There's always one :rolleyes:
CivicLx said:
LOL Yep, there's always one. WTF was he talking about anyway? But yeah, I asked that guy where he got it, and I think he said he found it in his dad's garage or something. LOL...I just think it looks cool because it's solid looking.
LOL Shweet - hey have i asked you this yet? But do you know if your side skirts toward the front are actually flush up and down like the stock side skirts (this shape |_ ) or do they flare out like this kind of shape /_ I can't tell!! People are telling me that it is different angles that makes it look that way.. but i just dunno!

CivicLx said:
Never really noticed, but I'll try to send you some new pics pretty soon.
LX98Civic said:

As stated in the first post :eek:

I know there wouldn't be any performance gain - more or less just weight gain. However, for look purposes, what you think?

Key words: know & look purposes
CivicLx said:
Did you ever decide what kit you were going to get? Hit me up with an email when you get a chance.
Sup mang - nope haven't yet! freakin drivin me nutz. .been preoccupied w/ some shiznit unfortunately - i'll email mailz ya in a bit!

lataz bro - take it easy

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